07.12.2005 | 21:22

The Faroese scarf progress photos

Here's the scarf yesterday before dinner and the TV broadcast from the celebration at the President's castle.

Here it is after the TV broadcast from the President's castle ended.

Here it is today before CSI began at 9 PM. Despite casting on 391 stitches, I finished the scarf! It'll be a gift, so I won't tell the pattern's name here, because it would reveal everything. The person who gets the scarf has the same name as the scarf - or the scarf has the same name she does.

The scarf during CSI washed and streched out. Cat included for scale. What do you say, fringe or no fringe? (The original pattern has it.)

- Hey, what's this? There must be a hidden agenda because I'm never asked to lay on a scarf...

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Kommentit - Comments

Hi, Signe and thank you very much! I think the best way to get a catless photo is to try to take a picture of the cat itself. :)


You have beautiful works here!
I have a cat who looks like quite similar ;) and likes to stay on the picture if im trying to take a pict of some of my projects :D