18.12.2005 | 16:46


First I would like to show you a pair of mittens that took only a month to make - or, more precicely, they are not finished yet. There's one mistake I need to correct and that's why I haven't darned in the yarn ends yet.

Then a so called magic jacket. I have my doubts - how can this piece turn into a jacket after knitting the sleeves?

I think I need an engineer to show me what to do and how the pieces fit in together - and guess what! There is an engineer to help me. Niina has already finished her magic jacket.

My jacket is made of Novita Rustika on 7 mm needles so it goes really fast. I started it yesterday and I'm already making the last increase section! I did watch the late night movie End of Days yesterday and stay up until one o'clock, though...

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Nice cardigan! And nice mittens too!

Tuulia: juu, mutta katsotaan nyt...

Giulia: I knitted all day! On thick needles the process is really fast, and with the magic jacket you just do mindless knitting, it's ribbed knit all the way (knit 4, purl 4; knit 3, purl 3; knit 2, purl 2).

how can you knit so fast? :D
all these garments are amazing, maybe someday i'll knit this cool cardi too... if i manage to translate the pattern first, that is ;)

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