15.12.2005 | 20:43

Christmas gift on the run

I continued making Christmas gifts. I almost finished a pair of fingerless mittens for my colleague. I still need to swiss darn a cat motif or something.

The stunt hand (please note the lovely Christmas red nail polish) decided to try on the fingerless mitten.

Maxi wanted to be petted so he decided to introduce himself to the fingerless mitten.

However, the stunt hand was stupid enough to let go of the poor defenseless fingerless mitten.

Maxi decided to make his move.

And in a flash it was gone, it happened so soon, what could you do?

Sick leave

Yesterday I ran some (nice) errands and treated myself with new socks.
(They're from a shop called Carlings.)

Today I slept a lot and did some laundry as I had to wash some sweaters. However, it is the sweater season, I decided not to iron my t-shirts because you cannot see how wrinkled they are under the sweater. Sneaky, huh?

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