29.11.2005 | 21:09

The meaning of... knitting

Knitting brings joy

Just take a look these lovely knits Nina donated! They're lovely. The caps are trendy and the cardigan is cute and the socks look really warm. Thank you! These will bring joy to the children who will get these.

Then let's talk about me...

Ninni asked in her blog a while ago what knitting means to me. I've been trying to answer this for some time but since the donations are more important than me, I decided to show them first as they arrived.

Now, what does knitting mean to me? Briefly put it's a way to be happy. I have both selfish and selfless motives.

If we start with the selfish ones, I could say that knitting brings me the good feedback I need. When things go all wrong, work sucks, all the people suck, the weather is wrong, the bus is late, the cats keep on fighting, I have slept badly, my head aches, I cannot think and get anything done or done right, I check my blog and see that there are lovely comments (keep sending them!) that boost my self esteem.

Sometimes I feel like knitting is the only way to get nice comments and appreciation, so I drop everything else and knit so I would have something to show and you would comment on it and compliment it or I would wear it to work and enjoy when people notice it. It's like grasping to the last straw or a glass of water when you're dying of thirst. It's the thing that keeps me going. It makes me shine. It makes me proud. (There's also Jussi, of course, he's the best and he hears all the things I leave out from this blog.)

Knitting is also a way to be creative. I used to think I was creative, at least in some way. In high school I realised I was not that creative. It somehow killed the enthusiasm to draw. I always hated painting with water colours, though, they were a mess when I used them (too much water, I think, and too little patience). However, I always admired people's work and wanted to paint and draw and create something beautiful.

Knitting is the way. I can create patterns, shapes, beautiful things that are also useful! It's great to do something useful as well, something in which you can be warm or stylish or beautiful. Beauty and usefulness combined - what could be better?

This is the pink Faroese scarf I recently started. It'll be a gift.

Knitting is also the way to show that I can. I can knit! I'm not the helpless kid at school who was not able to finish the back of a sweater and whose stitches looked awful. I can do it and follow my family's heritage. My mom knits and my grandmother can do almost everything and now I can, too.

I also like to make people happy. I like to give gifts. I do not make myself make gifts on Christmas or on birthdays but I like to surprise people with something nice. I like to see the smile on their face and I'm glad I managed to make someone's day. That's really a selfless motive. Of course I like being glad and making people happy makes me glad, but when it comes to gifts I like to give people something special, something especially selected for them.

Should I get to obsessions next time? Maybe so.

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