21.11.2005 | 20:06

As Icelandic as it can get (almost)

Jussi goes Icelandic!

I have almost finished Jussi's sweater. Almost in this case means that I still have to put a rubber band to the collar because it's slightly too wide.

When knitting the sweater I was a novice in many ways. I had never designed nor knitted a sweater with a yoke. I had not knitted with Létt-Lopi either. In all ways, this was a pleasant experience. I managed to break the yarn by pulling it only once - and that was when I was almost ready. I also liked knitting in the round, the whole process seemed a lot faster then and of course coloured knitting is much easier to do when you only knit and not purl.

Want some details?

Yarn: Istex Létt-Lopi, many balls (those for my sweater, too) of light grey, one ball of dark grey and slightky over 1 ball of black and blue.

Needles: Addi circulars, 4,5 mm.

Design: my own. The text in runes is the almost Icelandic thing, it says "get something better to read" in Finnish. (I had some inspiration from the Best of Lopi book but the idea of runes was mine. Jussi wanted snowflakes. He's boring.)

Is this sweater OK for a man factor: yes, when it's cold enough and he gets used to the yoke.

What could I do better next time: make a smaller collar.

An Icelandic book straight from Iceland!

I read of this book from the Finnish knitting mailing list and decided to order it. After some googling and price comparisons I decided to be brave and have only the Icelandic version and not the English translation. I was very brave and used some Icelandic (I said thank you) when I sent an e-mail to Skólavörubúðin and asked if I could buy the book. They sent it really fast!

The name of Sigríði Halldórsdóttur's book Þrihyrnur og langsjöl simply means "triangular and long shawls". I could tell that with my skills in the Icelandic language, so I'm proud of myself! Next I'll learn the phrases "I would like to buy some yarn" and "Can I pay with my Visa card".

Why did I want this book? Because of this, the Hyrna Herborgar shawl. The book has the pattern for it as well as for many othe lace shawls.

Luckily the book has charts, but isn't this a good way to inspire yourself to learn a foreign language? I like the scarfs. Hyrna herborgar is one of the most complicated ones, there are simpler scarves and also multicoloured scarves, all lovely and beautiful.

Then it all went Faroese

I got the Þrihyrnur og langsjöl book last week. Today I got the Føroysk bindingarmynstur Bundnaturriklæðið book from Bókasølan. They were also really quick!

You might remember that I just got a book by this name - yes, it's true, but this book contains lace knitting patterns and not coloured knitting patterns.

The scarves are based on the same idea: they're all triangular, at least almost, because they have the rectangular part in the middle and then the traingular parts on both sides. This is my favourite, Birita.

The scarves in this book are all lace scarves. There are some small ones (that are not that small) and really big ones you could wrap around yourself. There are also some lovely multicoloured scarves.

This is the beginng of a good knitting week. Yes, it is.

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