10.07.2005 | 12:11

It's not a sweater, it's a scarf

Can you imagine, of all the scarves I have knitted and all the yarns I have stashed away, I did not have anything that would suit my outfit for a friend's wedding? This is a scarf that corrects the problem. The yarn is Novita Tennessee I hastily grabbed from the local supermarket, it's 100% mercerised cotton and the pattern is slightly modified from the pattern on Novita's web site.

I spent some (and then some) moments filled with sweat and anxiety trying to find something to wear. I've gained weight and I have spent too much money already, yadda-yadda-yadda... First I thought of buying a cropped jacket and a trumpet skirt but they were not that cheap and I would probably have worn them only to this wedding, so that did not justify spending that much money. The colour wasn't exactly right either, it was pink(ish) but with a hint of yellow, peach-ish maybe and I don't like wearing peachy colours. (I like them, I just feel strange wearing them.)

Anyway, when I agonised over the jacket and skirt I got the idea of wearing an old beige top. Had I bought the jacket, it would have been OK. However, I kept on looking and finally I did find a nice frosted pink skirt with a small train that goes well with the top. (The skirt rustles! Rustle rustle, I go. And it's pink! It was also available in light blue, but that's no rival for pink.)

Now that I do not have a jacket, only the lovely, oh so lovely pink skirt, I need a scarf (or something) to cover my shoulders so I look decent and to keep me warm in case this hot weather suddenly turns cold.

Yes, the weather is sunny and hot. Even the cats have melted (as usual).

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