13.06.2005 | 22:30

Ideas galore!

Remember when I bought the mysterious Novita Nalle Colori yarn, the one with the different looking balls? I think I kind of forget to show what the yarn became because I was busy making Ulla and so on and so on.

Anyway, there were no differences in the finished product. It's what you get when you take a lot of colours, a lot of lace patterns and put them all together in one scarf. It's when you forget the good old Keep It Simple, Stupid principle. It's a riot! Ideas galore! Too much of the good thing. But no blocking (yet)...

Of course you need to add a cat, too, to make it perfect.
(The scarf is about the same size as the blue scarf I just showed, so the cat is the same as well.)

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Kommentit - Comments

Thanks! I've been thinking of Clapotis lately, too, it could look pretty nice...

I think this shawl looks realy nice too. I have the same yarn, I tried to knit a wraparound sweater whith it but it became too noisy.
Now some of the yarns are becoming a clapotis, :)