14.02.2005 | 21:20

Catching up

You probably guessed that I haven't been working on Ulla all night and all day. No, in fact we had the cover pattern poll going on for one week, so I was able to have few evenings without the computer. I put on the finishing touches on the other evenings then.

When you use the computer at work all day and things are busy, starting your own machine when you get home is not the first thing that comes to your mind!

I've been knitting, though. The Arcobaleno sweater is finished but I washed it yesterday and it's still moist, so no pictures of it today. I started a new cardigan and it's also a fast project. I'm knitting it on 7 mm needles from the Tommy yarn I bought from Tallinn in October.

The pattern is from an old Finnish mitten pattern from Uhtua. I'm planning on knitting the button bands separately, and they will most likely have some patterning, too. I'm still a bit undecided about the sleeves, but I should knit them next. If I have enough yarn left, this sweater will be a hoodie. Oh, and I'll also add a black and white patterned stripe to the shoulders, but I'll knit that after the sleeves when I know more of the collar. If I don't have enough yarn for the hood, I'll just make a simple collar.

Mini & Maxi turn five!
Mini and Maxi turn five years old today. Bring on the catnip! (By the way, Mini yawns in the picture. You do get tired when you get old.)

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