01.03.2007 | 22:05

Clap clap clap your hands for Clapotis

- Jussi, I'm running out of yarn. You have to go back to Linköping and buy some more.
- What are you thinking? You cannot get the same dye lot anyway anymore!

This conversation is true.

From the conversation you can also conclude that Clapotis is ready. It took 300 g of Idena Juvel Jussi brought me from Linköping, Sweden and a small amount of matching leftover yarn because I ran out of yarn (as usual) just a few rows before the very end. I tried to knit very fast and still I ran out of yarn! Also, my "knit one ball of increases, four balls straight and one ball decreases" tactics did not work. However, I did manage to finish this in time and report it as reduced frm my stash in the Yarn Hamsters project.

But nevermind. Let's say that nobody shall notice the different corner, right?

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