13.11.2005 | 18:56

Going Icelandic

Place: Town Hall Cafe in Tallinn
Time: last summer

Jussi: Should I start learning Icelandic?
Marjut: Why?
J: It's close to Old Norse.
M. Ohhhh... Well, why not.
J: Or should German be wiser? Or French? Or Russian?
M: It's up to you, dear.

Place: at home in Espoo
Time: last autumn

M: Look, we got the Espoon Työväenopisto brochure!
J: Is there anything interesting?
M. Yes, Icelandic for beginners.
J: Should we register?
M: WellyeahIthinkso...

Place: at home
Time: a week after registering for the courses has started

M: There are still places on the course in Icelandic!
J: Huh? Still?
M: I'll register you and me then, right.

Now we have studied Icelandic for about two months. It's fun! That's why there was a sneak preview a while ago and now it has turned into this:

This is my first attempt in designing and knitting a sweater with a yoke. I'm using Létt-Lopi, so that's why I ordered the Best of Lopi book (here are the patterns) you can see in the picture. It's a good book and there are not only patterns for sweaters with yokes but cardigans and yokeless sweaters and cardigans, too, for men, women and children, knitted in different weights of Lopi.

The sweater is for Jussi, so I made him sit down with me for a while with the book.

M: So, tell me, which pattern do you like?
J: Not that one.
M: How about this one?
J: No. (Continues for several sweaters.)
M: What do you like then?
J: I cannot say.
M: What's wrong with the patterns so far?
J: I don't like the colours.
M: Gosh, you got your colours: light grey, dark grey, blue and black!
J: Yeah, but I cannot imagine them.
M: ...

Here's the mandatory cat photo:

Talking about cats, here's Frank. Isn't he cute when he's not making a lot of noise?

And last, but not least here's a quiz: the next pattern in the yoke will be some text in runes and this is one possible choice. Who will be the first to read it? I could just knit snowflakes, though...

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