30.10.2006 | 16:00

To winter time

Marjut is sick -blog wishes to make the following announcement: fever, antibiotics, three more days of sick leave. Not nice. In addition, they had also renovated the local pharmacy and expanded to the formerly available space as well. I almost thought I had gone to the wrong place or that someone had transported me into a parallel universe. Or something.

I just sleep all days (except that yesterday I went to the Book and Food fairs that were conveniently held in the same place at the same time but did not find anything interesting) and feel too tired to knit. What is this - I'm on sick leave and spend good knitting time on being sick? I have managed to knit something, though. In the picture there's a small bolero and a matching top, knit from Madil Full in knit 4, purl 2 rib. (The colours aren't right due to the flash. The yarn is really a lovely red, just like blackcurrant juice. When you're sick you need to drink a lot of blackcurrant juice... Nggh. Blackcurrants. Too much is too much.)

The both items are transferring into something different. I'm currently knitting the back piece of the top and I'm thinking that the neckline could be round and deep enough so the top would be a vest and I could wear a blouse with it. To be honest, I don't know if I'd feel comfortable in that combination but let's not get into details now. First I thought of a polo neck for the top but decided not to do it and a V neck did not seem right either.

I'll also knit a wider edging for the bolero if I do not run out of yarn so it'll actually look like a bolero. (I may have to visit the LYS and buy more yarn, poor me.) First I though of a cabled edging for both the bolero and the top's polo collar because it would look nice but I was boring and lacy and went for rib instead. I might knit some cables to the next bolero, but don't hold your breath while waiting for it...

Now it's back to bed, to sleep with the cats.

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