22.10.2006 | 15:27

Filati from Italy

Unfortunately that was not a yarn store... Instead, the yarn stores were in Genova La Fonte Della Lana (27/R., Via Galata) and Canetta (41, Via Fiasella Domenico), and in Rapallo Rose d'Irlanda (11, Vico della Pista). Below are the additions to my stash, also known as "could you lay on my suitcase so I can close it" and "why you should not let Marjut wander alone in Genoa".

The first addition is from La Fonte Della Lana. It's Mafioso... sorry, Malizioso by Filatura di Crosan (90% wool, 10% acrylic). It could become a cardigan with a wide collar and a round hemline.

In Canetta "Visa, per favore" was a useful phrase.

Vogue by Emmebi (40% mohair, 40% dralon, 20% wool - and has somebody found the Emmebi web site=) was on sale for 1,95 euroa / 50 g ball, so I had to get three balls because of the lovely red colour. The yarn will most likely be a scarf.

Avalon by Emmebi (70% merino wool, 30% polyamide) was just tempting. It's got a thin ply, about as thick as sewing thread combined to another ply that looks like unspun yarn. The yarn also has a little bit of shine and it'll be a sweater or a cardigan.

Merinos Otto by Baruffa(100% merino wool) has been seen in Knitter's Block and now also here in our place. In addition to the white and black Otto I also got some berry red Otto and the yarns will most likey want to be a fairisle sweater.

Donegal by Lanecardate (100% wool) hit right to my desire for tweed. A cabled sweater, what else would this be?

Rose d'Irlanda in Rapallo was a fine store - all yarns were on discount and you could see silk, cashmir and wool so that you lost track of it.

Feeling by Lana Gatto jumped into my arms when I saw the cat on the label and when I read the label, the 70% merino wool, 20% silk and 10% cashmorjust would not let m put the yarn back. This yarn also wants to be a fairisle sweater.

Filati King Joy by Filtes (100% merino wool) resembled Noro Silk Garden so much that I had to buy two balls just for the fun of it. The colours are not Noro Silk Garden-ish not is the material but still the yarn made me think of it. It said that it'll be a nice scarf for the winter.

I also got some bribes:

The lady in La Fonte Della Lana gave me the Idee & Filati magazine so I could practise my Italian and for the same reason I also got Mani di Fata from Canetta.

Finally, a problem: if the 100% kashmir yarn cost 10 euros / 25 g ball after the 30% discount and I would need maybe 500 g for a sweater, that is, 200 euros worth of yarn (and I don't think about 200 euros being ridiculously much for a sweater) and taking Frank to the vet cost 271 euros the last time, wouldn't it be very tempting to buy cashmir yarn? It'd be 70 euros cheaper and the yarn would not yell all night or spray all over the place either...

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