11.09.2006 | 19:10

Not in the mood

I've been making this sweater for quite some time now (well, only a month, but still...) and I do not yet know if I like or not.

Basically this is just a basic sweater with raglan sleeves, nothing fancy. I thought of making a hood but I realised I had lost two stitches somewhere so the left and right fronts were not symmetrical, so I gave up and cast off. I knitted the sweater on 8 mm needles and it took approximately 800 grams of ONline Linie 87 Street ribbon yarn, which is a cotton blend yarn. It's a fun yarn, I really liked it, I just started to doubt the colour combination and the shape of the sweater,

Anyway, since you'll ever know, this might turn out to be my new favourite even though I'm slightly suspicious now...

PS. Doing some code enhancing. Apologies for a possibly strange looking blog.

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