04.09.2006 | 22:47

I am controversially tagged

I got this from The Knitting Cow.

This is a knitting chain blog post. What you should do if you read this is the following:

1. Copy this text including the questions below in a post on your own blog, and add one question by yourself. If the total number of questions on the list exceeds 10, get rid of the top question on the list. Include a link to your blog to your own thought up question. Do not include other peoples’ answers to the questions.

2. The question you think up should be controversial (it’s up to you to decide what that is), but adhere to netiquette, so nothing offensive, please!

3. Include the answer to all the questions incl. your own in a PS to your posting text.

Otherwise, no rules. You can tag specific bloggers to answer the questions but knitters can also just take up the challenge when they feel challenged enough by reading the chain blog post. You can change the picture if find a better one; if you use the original, keep the reference to their website. You can add comments to the questions and there’s no limit to the length of your answers, nor of the amount of blog readers you tag. If you do take up the challenge you could leave a comment on the blog where you saw it.

Needless to say, this chain has started in 1976 in a small rural village in the Andes mountains. Do not break the chain! Knitters who read this and do not take the challenge of answering will turn into something like this (Picture courtesy of Hassle Free Clip Art):


1. Have you ever considered to knit while sitting on the toilet (so-called ‘knitting in private’)? (Question by tingletangle)

The thought has crossed my mind after seeing so many guys go to the toilet with cartoons and newspapers and magazines and spending a lot of time there, but still I have to say no, I'm too pracical to actually consider that. I never spend that much time in the toilet anyway and the seat is not so comfortable that I'd like to carry my work in process, yarn and needles with me to the toilet and sit there merrily knitting away...

2. Have you ever considered killing someone with your knitting needles? (Question by Knitting Cow)

No. Why should I waste good knitting needles on that? I mean, stabbing someone with your DPNs or strangling someone with your circulars aren't that nice things to do - needlewise, that is. However, I'm not that squeaky clean, I have had some murderous thoughts with some other means...

3. If you knew someone had a fetish for knitted items and asked you to knit something more or less out of the ordinary, would you knit that something for that person? (Question by Marjutin neuleet)

This question comes from a personal experience. Once I was asked to knit something that clearly spelled out "fetish", or, as such the thing was not so bad but considering the circumstances it seemed pretty weird. I had never met the person (in real life nor online) who asked me, so I said no.

I won't tag anyone but feel free to continue.

Then a finished item. Hooray!

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Kommentit - Comments

I hope the person who asked does not read this - but it was a black, thick sweater with a polo collar - and the sweater should have come down to *his* knees.

Now you got me curious: what was the thing you refused to knit? :D