03.09.2006 | 18:08

Handicrafts fair

The Kädentaito 2006 handicrafts fair was held in Helsinki this weekend. I went with my colleague but, of course, met a lot of people there and later on read that there were many people I would have wanted to see but didn't...

The place was full of goodies. The additions to my stash were quite uniform in colour this time.

First I have to brag, though. The things casting the shadow on my yarns are in the picture on the right: habanero chilis. We have grown them from the seed, so they did not come from the fair, and the two plants we have ar carrying about a zillion habaneros. That's probably enough chilis to last for a lifetime.

But, to my yarn. The thick cream coloured yarn is Berkshire Bulky from Valley Yarns and it's 80% wool, 20% alpaca. Toika had it on sale, 4 x 100 g balls for 20 euros, so of course I got 8 balls. That should be enough to make a warm, very warm sweater. I see cables... Don't you, too? I also got a small cone of tencel yarn from Toika, it was 6 euros for 120 g. It's most likely going to be a scarf.

The ecru yarn below is Sofia, 70% wool and 30% silk, from Wetterhoff. That's actually test yarn, not the good old Sofia they have had for a while. If I understood correctly, they wanted to try a different kind of plying the yarn and now sold the test hanks on the fair. The price was 2,50 for a 50 g hank and of course I had to get some... Some meaning 10 hanks this time. I'm planning on dyeing the hanks myself.

What else... Well, do you want to see the furniture oil I got for the table and chairs on our balcony? No? I also managed to pass the Colinette yarns and silk yarns without buying any. I'm so proud of myself!

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