09.08.2006 | 22:12

Ode to needles (and glue)

A knitter. A Visa card. eBay. When things are cheap, you have to buy them. Just in case, you know. Even if the things are Made in Hong Kong.

I think I was knitting my third scarf (or second) on these needles when they broke. The join of the cable lasted but the cable itself broke just after the join.

No problems, though. When you have a sharp knife and some glue, we can fix it. Yes, we can! The hardest part was finding the small clamps - and I did find those from a cheap shop after I had searched high and low and given up hope.

Tadaa! As good as new. Now I just happily knit away with my new 79,5 cm circular bamboo needles.

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Kommentit - Comments

I'm glad that this was useful - and best wishes to your mom. :)

I must remember to tell my Mum your tip - her needles are about to fall apart from too much use! But as you say at that price you have to have them!