13.06.2006 | 20:08

Life's like a hank of yarn...

...you never know what you're gonna get. Or, more likely, you get a lot of loose ends.

I got the yarn for the scarf from eBay (now, is anybody surprised?) from an eBay shop called Silk Route. I won one hank of antique pink and one hank of pink mix silk yarn, but, instead of one hank of pink mix I got two. I did not mind because the weight of the two hanks was more than what the weight of the one hank would have been.

However, I did mind when I started winding the second hank on a ball. There were loose ends and I think eventually I got some fifteen big and small balls of yarn. I e-mailed the seller and he replied quickly saying that he would send me a replacement. All's well that ends well (though we don't know that of the scarf yet). I cannot complain, or, well, maybe I'll complain when I weave in all the yarn ends.

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