07.05.2006 | 19:48

The cardigan is (almost) ready

It's been a lovely weekend. The temperature is over 20 degrees centigrade and I have been planting chilis on the balcony, so excuse me for not modeling the cardigan. First, it's too hot and secondly I'm dressed up in barely nothing (oooh, sexy... not) after taking a shower to was away the dirt.

The buttons are still missing, I haven't found any good ones yet and the cardigan needs blocking. I'm hoping that the front band will then settle nicely.

I want to thank Jussi for buying the yarn for me. Thank you, darling! The yarn was Novita Jussi, 75% wool and 25% acrylic and I knitted the cardigan on 4 mm needles. I used about 800 grams of yarn.

I want to thank Niina for bringing me the Japanese knitting pattern book as a souvenir from Japan. A pattern similar to the big cable pattern is also in one of the Harmony Guides pattern books (cannot remember which one) but it's much more simple.

I want to thank the cats for being the official knitting inspectors, my mom, my sister, my brother, my grandmother, the Finnish ice hockey team for winning Slovenia...

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