19.05.2006 | 21:00


Susanna L-A wanted to know how the pom-pom maker works, so here's a brief look into it.

What you need

- one pom-pom maker
- yarn
- scissors (not pictured)
- cat (optional)

To make a pom-pom

1. Put a piece of yarn to the bottom of the fork. This yarn is later used for tying the pom-pom. Let the cat observe.

2. Start wrapping yarn around the fork. Let the cat observe.

3. When you think you have warpped enough yarn, take the separate piece of yarn and tie it around the wrapped yarn. Prepare for tightening the yarn later.

4. Start cutting the sides of the pom-pom. Tighten the attaching yarn as you go.

5. Put the finishing touches on the pom-pom.

6. Introduce the pom-pom to the cat (optional).

7. Notice that the cat rather has his dinner (optional).

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