29.12.2005 | 17:45

Now this is not what I call mindless knitting

Niina and I ordered some yarn from Seasonstore some time ago. I got some Pashmina in red and some Tusshena in pale pink.

Tusshena wanted to be the Hyrna Herborgar shawl from the Icelandic book Þrihyrnar og langsjöl. I started it yesterday. Of course, I had read the notes from Heartstringfiberarts and admired the picture of the finished shawl, but still this is not easy.

With the help from my assistant translator, Garnstudio's dictionary and the Knitting Languages book by Margaret Heathman, I got this far. (The book is not much of a use, I did find some words in it but without the beginner's course in Icelandic I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.)

Note the mistake on the left? I accidentally dropped a stitch. I could not fix it, so I ripped and as I noticed that there was something strange in an earlier row, I decided to rip more and this is where I am now.

I love Tusshena! It's so soft. Of course, it's thicker than what the pattern calls for, so I'll probably get a big scarf but that's perfectly fine. I'm knitting on 5 mm needles. I love the scarf as well even though the double yarn overs are a bit hard to handle, I seem to forget the second one. Anyway, I think I'm starting to learn the pattern and knitting in Icelandic is not that hard, after all, the pattern has a chart that is easy to read.

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