23.11.2005 | 21:42

Me too, me too!

First thanks

Donations just keep on coming. I dot two caps, two pairs of mittens and a pair of socks from Lotta. The mittens on the left are bright and lovely and the rest of the items are so soft and so small and cute.

I also got a pair of socks from Tiina who tried to disguise as the yarn store Get Knitted. Too bad they do not ship from Finland... But the socks are nice!

Thank you so much! The children will most certainly appreciate your work.

Then to the me too, me too!

Martin markkinat

Like many others, I also went to Martin markkinat last Saturday. There were a lot if Estonian products for sale, also some yarn. This is what I got: wool.

I am always drawn to the Rewool multicoloured yarns and cannot help myself. I just have to buy some more as there are always new colours. I also like the solid colours, there were lovely bright pink and lovely khaki yarns but those I managed to leave to the stand.

I also bought the book Eesti Vööd (of which I did not take a photo) which is about traditional woven belts. The patterns are beautiful. (There's some information about the book in the Baltic Shop.)


Niina and I finally made it to FiinaNeule today to check the new LYS out ourselves. The location of the shop is great in the centre of Helsinki.

This is what I bought: a cone of Anti-Tickle Wool, 6 euros, from the sale shelf. This cone has 500 grams of wool yarn (1800 metres) in case you cannot figure out the scale. It will be a Faroese scarf (yes, I'll really knit a pink Faroese scarf).

What about the service? Well, it was thorough. The lady followed us and commented often to what we talked about by giving advice and introducing the yarns. However, she was not all over us.

What about the yarns? The selection in FiinaNeule was not that amazing, you could not find anything very rare and fancy, but there were a lot of different wool and cotton yarns which is a good thing. Natural fibres in many colours are always a good thing. I was drawn to all pink yarns but managed not to buy anything else...

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