15.06.2005 | 20:19

Who buys merino wool in the summer?

It looks like I do. Silly me? This is Rowan Cork (95% merino wool, 5% nylon) that is now discontinued, and free copy of the Cork Collection pattern booklet.

Let's just say that a shop called Jannette's Rare Yarns was involved (again) as well as Niina, who is actually to blame of everything.

Remember Jaeger Shetland Aran and the offer that suddenly made other people realise they want this yarn, too? Yes, Niina decided she wanted some as well. I'm a happy Paypal user and she is not, so what else can a girl do when she's shopping for someone else, that is, shoping anyway? Yes, she buys some yarn for herself, too.

The colour is called Chilly. I thought the yarn would be light icy pink but I was mistaken, actually it's a light mauve with a pink touch. I love the colour, though - and now that I look at the pictures, I really can't say what made me think of pink. It doesn't even say pink in the yarn description! Maybe that was wishful thinking... I pictured myself in a pink cabled cardigan but it's easy to change that mental image and picture myself in a lihght mauve cabled cardigan.

Besides, the yarn colour matches the pansies we have on our balcony. Aren't they pretty? In the second picture you can also see that Jussi has been a good gardener. He outsourced the project to the cats and as the result his chilis now have the first bud.

PS. Colourway has the summer sale...

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