19.06.2005 | 16:18

Om du var här (Kent in Käpylä)

On Friday we went to see Kent in Käpylä. They finished their tour here. What was amazing was that there were 13 000 people there in the tent and we did not meet anyone we knew!

For you who don't know: Kent is a Swedish band but three of them are Finnish (hooray for us!). They've just released their sixth album Du och jag döden (You and I death) in March, or actually seventh, if the collection of B-sides is counted as well. I think they really made it big in Finland with their third album Isola and the hit Om du var här (If you were here), but, of course, they had had fans here before that, too. They also recorded an English version of Isola but that wasn't such a success so they returned to Swedish.

We had fun! I have to admit, though, that I'm quite a lousy fan and did not perform well with my fanily duties. I don't know the lyrics even though I tried to listen to the CDs extra carefully for a week before the gig and read the lyrics from the net.

So, I knew the hits and forgot half of everything, so if I tried to sing along it was like "Och du är som jag när du dansar, [mumble something that sounds like Swedish], du är som jag när vi dansar music non stop till slut". (And you are just like me when you dance, [mumble something that sounds like Swedish], you are just like me when we dance the music non stop to the end".)

I could post a picture here. It was forbidden to bring cameras there but so many people have camera phones these days so you just can't control that and of course I had to try my phone as well. It would be a bad picture taken from a distance, so I'll save you from that.

Instead I'll show you something that has made me go "oh look, isn't this cute" all weekend.

A friend of ours, Liisa, just got a baby girl three weeks ago, so I wanted to knit something for the baby and hope they will name her Marjut... (Liisa's the one illustrates Jussi's viking-related web pages.) First I knitted the dress and then I decided that it needs a matching cardigan.

Now I have doubts - the design is my own and I didn't have any measurements. The cardigan should be just about the right size for a 60 cm tall baby but the dress looks awfully short compared to the cardigan... Let's see, maybe I have to ask for some details so I can correct the dress if the size isn't right.

Poor Jussi's bored. Every time I finish something (a section with a pattern, a sleeve, the front, the back, anything!) I hold it up and say, "Look, isn't this cute". I actually walked around all Saturday holding the dress and repeating "Look, isn't this cute". I still have one sleeve left to knit, so there will be more of "Look, isn't this cute" to come....

Then some details: the yarn is Novita Samos, a cotton and acrylic blend. The colour is pink because I had some leftovers from a bag I knitted, not because this is for a girl. Had I selected the yarn in the shop, I would have gone for faded blue as in blue jeans.

This is also the first time I've done a picot cast-off and I think I like it. The white edges are knitted after the rest of the piece is finished; I picked up the stitches from the purl side, knitted one or two rows and did a picot cast-off.

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Thanks! I hope the parents of the baby girl will think this is cute, too. :)

Yes, it is cute. I love the little edgings on the dress.