12.06.2005 | 17:19

KIP Day in Espoo

Yesterday we had the KIP Day in Espoo. I did not count, but I guess there were about 10 of us: Anna, Jenni, Johanna, Kati, Kristel, Nanna, Niina, Maria, Pirkko, Päivi, Soili, Susanna... (Did I forget someone? Was everyone's name correct?)

The LYS Neuletikki was open for two hours, so we decided to meet there. It was fun. I've never seen the shop so full of people! What was best, they were almost all people I knew. There were also two (poor?) men... Well, what can you expect if you marry a knitter? (My husband wisely went to visit his mother this weekend.)

The weather was sunny but windy. Bravely we sat outside for a while and people came and went. There were also other temptations: some visited the near-by book shop, some got a cup of coffee or something to eat... Then we decided to move indoors to the cafe. Unfortunately some people were lost in action, so I never got a photo of all of us together.

Instead, I'll show you the scarf I finished that day. I started this earlier this week so I would have something to knit but the scarf progressed so fast that I was afraid I would have to start a new project and that it would be another scarf...

So, I decided to knit a little bit bigger scarf. It's made of the blue wool yarn I bought from the Old Town Days in Tallinn.

Here's the scarf without a cat...

and with a cat (for scale: the scarf is 2 m wide and weighs about 200 grams and the cat weighs 7 kgs)...

with two cats...

with three cats (of which one is not sitting on the scarf)...

and here are some close-ups:

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Kommentit - Comments

Thanks! I really love the multicoloured Estonian yarns. You can choose a really simple design and the yarn does the rest.

What a beatiful shawl!
Maybee there will some yarn in my bag when I return home from Estonia where I'm going on my holiday, :).

Thanks, Elisabeth! It's funny, when I spread a scarf on the floor, there's always a cat or two laying on it... I mean helping me. :) That's why it's difficult to block a scarf, I cannot leave it alone. It's not only that the cats would lay on it, but one of them would also like to eat the pins.

They're not very smart cats, those two eager helpers. :)

so beautiful!! I love the colours and the broad stripes!! and the cats too ;)

Thanks, Mira! I have become a great fan of the multicoloured Estonian wool yarns that make wide stripes. I just want to knit more and more lacy scarves from them...

The cats also thank you!

The scarf is gorgeous. I love the colors and the lace effect on the borders is really lovely. The cats are cute too!