13.04.2005 | 22:00

When everything goes wrong

First I have to say that there are no photos this time. I just need to vent.

Besides being too busy and stressed at work and reading the messages about Ulla's pictures not showing after our web hotel prevented hotlinking (we couldn't do that ourselves), I've had really bad days. So bad that it actually is funny.

This morning I almost got tripped by Maxi the Cat. He had sneaked behind me and sat right at my feet when I was getting some breakfast. He wanted to have some ham from the fridge and there he was on the way... Oh, and then I forgot my lip balm at home (that's bad for a lip balm addict). On Monday I forgot my cell phone! Tomorrow I would probably forget my own head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders. (That's what my mom always says and mom is a wise woman.)

Yesterday I almost got ran over on the zebra crossing by an idiot driver who was turning right and did not realise that the pedestrians also had the green light. I didn't even see him coming in his car wit a stupid spoiler, I just heard the brakes screeching and then he speeded away. That's what I hate: drivers only look at their own traffic lights and pay no attention to pedestrians. Sometimes it's almost impossible to cross the street because the cars just keep coming!

It's not even a busy street. I guess on a busy street the drivers would have to pay attention.

Then the silly and stupid part, you may laugh now: yesterday morning I was taking a comic book from the bookshelf, from the second to the uppermost shelf because I needed to check the name of the comic. Then I realised that my English-Klingon-English dictionary and some other soft cover grammar books fell onto my head from the top shelf, followed bt the Oxford Concise English dictionary that was hard cover. Ouch!

To make this even more painful, I had my hair up with a metallic hair-grip. Double ouch! Now the back of my head hurts and I feel really stupid. My brother, my dear dear brother said that I now I must know English well because it's really been hammered to my head now. (My brother's the best.)

Oh, and knitting-wise: I won't recommend Lana Grossa Velvet to anyone. I started the Fifi scarf from it and even though the yarn is nice and shiny and velvety, it's a pain to rip or unravel. The yarn is so slippery that if you drop a stitch, it goes down a long way and is hard to catch.

The yarn also breaks. I pulled it (and no, there was no cat present at the time) and it snapped. Just like that! The yarn has also snapped on the ball once or twice per ball. When I knit, I just realise that I have a yarn end in my hand and there's still yarn left in the ball. Two balls have already been like that!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Fifi pattern is good but I keep making stupid mistakes and so I have to unravel. It's almost like I knit two rows and rip one. It's not my best day...

So, I'm not doing too well at the moment, but nevermind. It can only get better!

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