20.04.2005 | 20:09

Mind-boggling phenomena

In the knitting meet-up yesterday we were not only filmed for TV, we also talked about an interesting phenomenon. Variegated yarn, that is.

First, though, the most important things: we'll be in the 7 o'clock or 10 o'clock news someday, I don't know which day. First the reporter found and interviewed Ninni about her knitting and through Ninni she found Ulla, so one thing led to another and she came to film us to get some background information for the knitting story. She also interviewed Niina. A wise choice, I'd say. (I don't like being filmed.)

Then to the mind-boggling part. I know, after being filmed for TV variegated yarn seems a bit lame.

Before the meet-up I ran through the local supermarket and bought some yarn for a scarf I've been planning. What stroke me as odd was were these, so take a look:

This is Novita Nalle Colori (it's "just" variegated yarn, not self-striping). Do you notice anything strange? The dye lot is the same for both balls:

The colours are not distributed in the same way! I wonder why. There were a lot of balls where the colours were evenly distributed as in the ball on the left, and one or two balls where the colours formed more solid blocks as in the ball on the right.

That was all new to me, I've never seen such Nalle balls before. I wonder what caused that: the way the yarn was wound to the ball? The lengths of the colours? The phase of the Moon?

After the meet-up we went to the supermarket and did not see the block effect in the other colourways except in one ball in the blue colourway.

Strange, very strange. Funny. Interesting.

I have to admit that I haven't knitted a swatch... or swatches yet. Do you want me to do so? Do you want to know the results? I guess that when I do, the swatches will most likely look the same. I'll report that as soon as I know, so stay tuned for more interesting variegated yarn news...

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