10.04.2005 | 16:38

Knitwear, crochet and bobbin lace exhibition in Riga

In Riga we also visited the Mencendorff's House (Mencendorfa nams, Grecinieku 18), which is a restored late-seventeenth-century merchant's house now turned into a museum. The walls had been beautifully painted and some parts of the paintings had still remained - on some walls almost everything was left, on some walls only small areas here and there were restored.

The uppermost floor had an exhibition of knitwear, crochet and bobbin lace: clothes and scarves. The exhibition was called Baltie Rokdarbi, Baltic Handiwork, or at least the poster said so...

The patterns are international (just look at them!) so I let the photos speak for themselves. (However, as in every room in every museum, there was an old lady watching and leading us forward in a very determined way, so I never got the chance to go back to take a second look as she was already showing us the way out through another staircase, talking very fast in both German and English.)

Anne, the first picture is for you:

Modular knitting, lace, and 80's is coming back...

Should I make one of these - for example the one with feathers?

Crocheted scarves and shawls

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