17.04.2005 | 18:43

ASAP - an acronym that has no meaning

ASAP - that must be the most irritiating acronym at the very moment especially when used in a sentence that's otherwise in Finnish and as a synomym for the word "immediately". When everything needs to be done As Soon As Possible, it loses its meaning: I cannot do everything at the same time.

Well, sometimes it depends on who wants things done ASAP: if it's a person who uses ASAP all the time anyway, ASAP becomes an empty word that works as a punctuation mark, nothing more, and life goes on and I do whatever I can whenever I have the time. I just may get a little more irritated and build up the resistance which is a bad thing if people want me to get things done. If I know that the person saying ASAP uses it as the last resort, then I get busy and I'm happy to do so.

So, what makes me think of the meaning of ASAP? For example the deadline for Ulla submissions, it is approaching again. So, if you have something to share, please let us know! I hope to get all the material by the beginning of May.

This is the time when I get worried. I've already got few patterns and articles and it's starting to look good (at least I hope so), but like every other free knitting e-zine, Ulla needs you, too.

OK, I know, if you do not speak Finnish there's not much you can do but you can stay with us in spirit and keep your fingers crossed!

My contribution this time is this bag and I think that's pretty much it material-wise. I'll have to see if I can get something else done... well... you must already know when: ASAP.

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