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joulukuu 11, 2006

Rumoured cannon was not found from Kajaani castle

The search for the rumoured bronze cannon hidden in the ruins of Kajaani castle failed again. The search team led by Kari Moisio from the Oulu university used ground radar, metal detector and minislingram, but found no conclusive evidence of the cannon. The team was hired by the Norwegian amateur archeologist Bo Olsson.

The Kajaani castle was a fortress built on an island of the Kajaani river in the centre of the city of Kajaani in the 17th century. Construction of the Kajaani castle began in 1604 and was completed in 1619. The first phase of the castle consisted of a stone wall, two round towers and wooden buildings at the yard inside the castle.

Count Peter Brahe ordered a second construction stage of the castle, which was started in the 1650s and completed in 1666. During the Great Northern War, Russian forces sieged the castle for several months. The castle was finally forced to surrender because of the lack of supplies. The Russians exploded the castle soon after it surrendered and its inhabitants were transported to Russia to be imprisoned.

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