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marraskuu 21, 2006

Virtual Pompeii to Helsinki in 2008

Roman city Pompeii near modern Naples was destroyed during a catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius on 26 August 79 A.D. The city was buried under ash and its location remained unknown until it was discovered in 1748.

A part of Pompeii will be brought to life at Amos Andersson museum in Helsinki during spring 2008. The house of Pompeii resident Marcus Lucretius will be reconstructed and its frescoes will be presented in their original colours. The guides will be clothed like ancient Romans and food made according 2000 years old recipes will be served at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be a joint effort of at least University of Helsinki, EVTEK University of Applied Sciences, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and Vantaa Vocational College. Other schools might also join the project. Students from EVTEK are currently making a 3D-model of the house of Marcus Lucretius. The frescoes will also be analysed in order to find out the original colour schemes.

Source: Tekniikka&Talous 16 November 2006, "Pompeijin freskojen värit hehkuvat taas"

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