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kesäkuu 05, 2005

Event calendar 2005

I have now updated the event calendar for 2005. The page is in Finnish, but many events have their webpage also in English. The event calendar contains events related to the viking age and the middle ages in Finland and nearby countries, such as Sweden, Norway and Estonia. The largest medieval events in Finland are The Medieval Market Festival in Turku and The Medieval Market in Häme castle. There are also viking age related happenings in Eura, Pukkisaari (in Helsinki) and Saltvik (in Åland).

1600s is not Middle Ages, but there is a Hakkapeliitta-event in Tammela. Hakkapeliittas (Hackapelit, Hackapelite, Haccapelite) were Finnish light cavalry that served in the Swedish army e.g. during the Thirty Years War 1618-1648. The charge of the Hakkapeliitta cavalry was feared by the enemy because of its effectiveness. For some obscure reason some Nokian tyres are named Hakkapeliitta.

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