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kesäkuu 07, 2005

A thousand years old bronze buckle found

A thousand years old bronze buckle was found in May from Padasjoki, Finland. Sylvi Ruokolainen was planting carrots when she found the buckle. The buckle is from 11th or 12th century. Padasjoki is along the water route to Häme (Tavastia). The route was used already during the viking age, but the buckle is from the time of the Northern or Baltic crusades.

The buckle is decorated with a lily and only 8 similar buckles have been found so far. Three similar buckles have been found from Hattula, two from Kalvola, one from Hämeenkoski, one from Joutsa and one from Pyhäjärvi on Karelian isthmus.

The Swedish organised three crusades to present-day Finland. The first crusade to Finland Proper has been traditionally dated to 1154, but it is disputed whether this crusade was ever actually made. The second crusade was in 1238 or 1249 to Häme (Tavastia) and the third crusade in 1293 to Karelia. Karelian isthmus was a part of Finland until the end of World War II.

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