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tammikuu 30, 2005


Thorrablot (Þorrablót) is a traditional viking festival, which is celebrated in Iceland at the end of January. Thorrablot was orignally a sacrifical feast dedicated to Thor and it began the ancient Thorri-month. When Iceland was converted to christianity, Thorrablot was forbibben. The celebration of Thorrablot was revived in the 19th century.

The idea of the revived Thorrablot is to bring people together during the cold winter months and it is celebrated by eating and drinking. The festive foods are quite extraordinary and include "rotten" or fermented shark, hrutspungar (ox testicles), svid (lamb's head) and blódmör (blod-pudding boiled in lamb-stomachs). Some of the less extreme foods include whale steaks, seal fins, lundabaggar (meat-rolls made of lambs-meat), hardfiskur (dried fish, eaten with butter) and lifrarpylsa (pudding made out of lambs-liver). With the food people drink beer and brennivin, Icelandic alcohol nicknamed "black death".

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