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tammikuu 11, 2005

Medieval treasure found in Ulvila

A medieval treasure was found from the medieval church of Ulvila in October 2004. The find consisted of a tin can in which was a leather bag. Inside the leather bag was approximately 500 medieval coins. The oldest coins are from the 14th century and most of the coins are from the 15th century. One of the coins has text which refers to the Swedish king Albert of Mecklenburg (reigned 1363-1389).

An unmarked grave of a child was also found beneath the treasure. It is not known whether the treasure is related to the grave or not. The treasure and the grave were found from the north side of the church and the grave was not within the official cemetary area. After the treasure has been examined, it will most likely be located to the Satakunta museum in Pori.

The stone church of Ulvila dates from early 14th century. Ulvila received its city rights in 1365 and is the second oldest city in Finland after Turku. The church is the only medieval building that still exists in Ulvila.

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