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tammikuu 12, 2005

Medieval Black Sabbath

Have you ever wondered how the music of Black Sabbath would have sounded if the band existed in the Middle Ages? Well, few of us have, but Estonian Mihkel Raud was intrigued with the idea. He contacted Estonian band called Rondellus that plays medieval music and explained his idea to them. The band thought the idea was good and the result is a CD called Sabbatum.

Sabbatum contains versions of older Black Sabbath songs, sung in Latin. The most widely known of them is War pigs. Paranoid and Iron man have been left out intentionally, because they have been covered so many times. The music of Rondellus is not popularised medieval singing like the music of Gregorianus, it is really medieval. You can find the track listing and sound samples from the Sabbatum homepage. CD is available at least in Estonian music stores and at Amazon.com. You can also order the record directly from the Sabbatum homepage.

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